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Case Assignment

For this module you will be continuing your description and assessment of your chosen organization. Please address the following important descriptive and analytic questions, providing enough information to assure clarity:

Describe and discuss your organization from the perspective of relevant general systems (GST) and socio-technical systems (STS) principles and concerns. Elaborate on unique principles and how the organization is using them to foster success, or is oblivious to them and the consequences of this.

Address your own personal ideas about how the organization might use general systems and STS knowledge and application to foster organizational improvement and positively leverage its future. Be specific with your ideas and examples.

Your focus must be principally on IT/ITM-related elements of your topic organization as you review/integrate GST/STS principles and concerns.

Assignment Expectations

In all of this, you will need to reflect on your description and analysis (and perhaps adjust it accordingly) to ensure that you are able to integrate insight and learning from previous classes (and other sources as fits the circumstances). This means you must use at least five contiguous academically sound citations and later full references. Please use enough concurrent discussion so that the purpose of each citation is apparent to the reader. This paper is incomplete without five academically sound references. Relevant magazine articles from such sources as CIO are OK. You may also use Wikipedia and military/corporate references, but they do not count as one of the required five.

Note that a general review of GST/STS without illustration and examples from your topic organization is unacceptable.

You will be assessed on the appropriateness and completeness of the detail you provide regarding your selected organization, your use of citations and references as noted above, and your intellectual insight into topically important issues. You will also be assessed on how well you adhere to the specific Capstone Case Guidelines provided to you.

This is a draft, so if you have to make educated guesses at the stage, that is fine for now. Your paper should be at least four, if not more, double-spaced pages when finished. The issue in these case papers is not brevity; rather it is insight and completeness in dealing with the topic(s).

Note that you are expected to use correct grammar, spelling, and English vocabulary. Check your paper for missing or inappropriately used words. If in doubt, check the dictionary and not ''spell check.'' Please consider that this paper, and all others, will be reviewed by the CIO and/or your commanding officer. In this light, it is strongly suggested that you ask a trusted colleague to review and edit each of your papers. Papers which do not meet these guidelines will be returned to you.

Please post your paper once it is completed.

Finally, you are not to use any government/military classified or corporate-sensitive information in the development of any course papers or in any Discussion participation.

Attachment:- capstone case.rar

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The paper is about discussing the general system theory and the socio technical systems for any organization of author’s choice. The paper talks about Queensland University as being the chosen organization and how it has been having a good GST implementation that suffice according to the reputation of the university. Although it also has few STS systems but still the amount of flak it has been facing is also large. The paper has been written in Microsoft Office.

Reference no: EM131284325

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