Personality tests and clerical aptitude test

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1. Personality tests:

A) easily demonstrate job-relatedness

B) can inadvertently discriminate against individuals who would otherwise perform effectively

C) measure intelligence

D) measure an applicant's preference for certain activities over others

2. Questions contained in structured job interviews should be based on:

A) job analysis.

B) job design.

C) job specialization.

D) job utilization.

3. Following 9/11 and a rash of corporate scandals, background checks have ______________.

A) fallen into disfavor.

B) become standard for many corporations.

C) become voluntary.

D) become more inexpensive.

4. Giving applicants a clerical aptitude test and then tracking their performance six months later is an example of:

A) predictive validity.

B) concurrent validity.

C) content validity.

D) correlational validity.

Reference no: EM13256716

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