Personal loan rates follow mortgage rates

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It seems that most personal loan rates follow mortgage rates. Is this true? What are the historical mortgage interest rates in the United States for the last 30 years? What happens when rates are high? What happens when rates are low?

Reference no: EM131381334

Compute the equilibrium price and quantities

Compute the equilibrium price (P) and quantities (Q) in each country without trade. Now assume that free trade occurs. The free-trade price goes to 56.36 Baht. Who exports and

Assume that foreign inflation-domestic-real exchange rate

Assume that foreign inflation is 3 percent and domestic is 2 percent. How much higher/lower than the surrounding world’s nominal rate must the central bank mark their domestic

What kind of power would you use-hard power and soft power

One of the goals of this course is to understand international relations in terms of global politics. In other words, there are multiple actors beyond state actors that work a

Use the dividend-discount model to compute the level

If Professor Siegel is correct that stocks are less risky than bonds, then the risk premium on stock may be zero. Assuming that the risk-free interest rate is 2.5 percent, the

Effective annual interest rate for the loan

If $7,000 is borrowed and repaid with four quarterly payments of $600 during the first year and four quarterly payments of $1,500 during the second year after receiving the $7

Moral hazard problem in the banking industry

If reserve requirements were set equal to 100 percent, there would be no moral hazard problem in the banking industry. If the reserve requirements on all deposits were set equ

What is real value of total amount of money issued banks

Consider an economy in which people wish to hold money balances worth a total of 5 million goods. They are indifferent between money issued by the central bank and money issue

Growth rates of per capita GDP

Growth rates of per capita GDP: Compute the average annual growth rate of per capita GDP in the each of the cases below. The levels are provided for 1980 and 2010, measured in


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