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Given an interest rate of 10% per year, what is the value at the end of 5 years of a perpetual stream of 120$ annual payments starting at the end of year 9?

I dont understand the time fator in this question - i.e how do you encorporate year 9 and year 5 into the appropriate formula


Reference no: EM1364279

What effect should this have on the company''s cash position

If the company reduces its inventory without adversely affecting sales, what effect should this have on the company's cash position (1) in the short run and (2) in the long ru

Compute imiotek''s weighted average cost of capital

Compute Imiotek's weighted average cost of capital.  Calculate the net present value if Innotek was to continue production of the SMR HDD locally.

What are potential risks to the public and to stakeholders

How do ethics codes apply to project selection and capital budgeting? What are the potential risks to a company of unethical behaviors by employees? What are potential risks

The future markets available to investors

Discusse different ways to invest in the future markets available to investors.How shold the novice investor put money into futurees markets?How should the sophisticated inves

Calculate the conversion factor for the bond

Suppose that  f(0, 1, 1.5) quoted by a FRA dealer is 4.5%. (This should be almost 0.5 percentage points higher than  what you found above.)  Using f(0, 1, 1.5) and the given z

Altman bankruptcy prediction model

Altman's bankruptcy prediction model places a coefficient of 3.3 on the earnings before interest and taxes divided by total assets variable but a coefficient of only 1.0 on

What are expected cash flows for the healthy water project

Cascade Water Company (CWC) currently has 30,000,000 shares of common stock outstanding that trade at a price of $42 per share. CWC also has 500,000 bonds outstanding that c

Solving finance problems

Suppose if you have $10 today, you can invest that $10 and earn interest. If, for example, you earn 5 percent interest, you will receive $0.50 interest and have a total of $10


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