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A circular plate having a diameter of 300 mm is held perpendicular to an axisymmetric horizontal jet of air having a velocity of 40 m/s and a diameter of 80 mm as shown in Fig. 5-1. A hole at the center of the plate results in a discharge jet of air having a velocity of 40 m/s and a diameter of 20 mm. Determine the horizontal component of force required to hold the plate stationary.

Reference no: EM13888349

Hemispherical droplet of liquid water-lying on flat surface

A hemispherical droplet of liquid water, lying on a flat surface, evaporates by molecular diffusion through still air surrounding the droplet. The droplet initially has a radi

Calculate the allowable tensile load for the butt joint

Calculate the allowable tensile load for the butt joint shown. The fasteners are 7 8 -in.-diameter A325 high-strength bolts in a slipcritical connection (A325-N). The plates

Find the transfer function

1. Find the transfer function G(S) in terms of velocity v(t) and engine forward force f(t) for the Truck below. The cart mass is m. The truck mass is M. The damper Coefficie

What is the equation for torque

Determine the stress that would result in a 1in schedule 40 steel pipe if a plumber applies a force of 70lb at the end of a wrench handle that is 16in long. What is the equati

Consider the mass and pulley system shown

Consider the mass and pulley system shown. Mass m1 = 33kg and mass m2 = 13kg . The angle of the inclined plane is given, and the coefficient of kinetic friction between mass m

Find the torque

The roller E and supporting box have a mass m1, and the four uniform links (two on each side) have a combined mass m2 and a length 2b for each. Neglect all friction and find

Validity of experimentalist conclusion

Air flowing through a tube of 75-mm diameter passes over a 150-mm-long roughened section that is constructed from naphthalene having the properties -4 flow rate and the aver

Determine the radial pressure on the assembly

A steel collar is press fitted onto a steel shaft. The modulus of elasticity of steel is 30 × 106 lb/in2. The collar has an internal diameter of 2.498 in and the shaft has a


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