Permanent and temporary party structure in texas

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Directions: Answer each of the following questions. Be sure to use complete sentences when answering the questions. Cite your sources as appropriate. Your answer to each question should be several paragraphs. Please double space your answers. Answers should be submitted via turn it in in Blackboard.

1. What is the major difference between the permanent and temporary party structure in Texas? Why is the precinct so important?

2. Why are interest groups so powerful in Texas? How do they impact policy? Do they impact elections? What is meant by grassroots lobbying/efforts?

3. What type of primaries are used in Texas? Are primaries used for all elections in Texas?

4. Why is campaigning for office so difficult in Texas? What advantages do incumbents have?

5. Identify and explain four factors that hinder political participation in Texas. What changes could be made to increase participation? How likely is the state to make these changes?

Reference no: EM131172523

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