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Conduct an internet search and look for data on union membership today in the US. What is the status of union membership today? What are the experts saying about the need for the continuation of union activities today? Is there one segment of the workforce that perhaps still might need union protection? Compare and contrast ideas from two sources and then include your informed thoughts about union activity today.

Reference no: EM131271295

Three principle components of business ethics are facts

The three principle components of business ethics are facts, values, and arguments. What are the facts pertinent to an ethical evaluation of this case? Is there any informat

Decide whether to have one or two wash lines

The manager of a car wash must decide whether to have one or two wash lines. One line will mean a fixed cost of $6,000 a month, and two lines will mean a fixed cost of $10, 50

Managerial leadership skills

Managerial Leadership Skills identify each activity as being one of the following types of management skills: a. technical b. interpersonal c. decision-making. A manager is gi

Back to school crunch at global green books publishing

Global Green Books Publishing is a successful printing and publishing company. Just two years old, it has taken on a great new customer, a local college that needs customized

Preeminent theorist of organization culture

Researchers usually cite Edgar Schein as the preeminent theorist of organization culture. According to Schein, organizational culture has three parts: (a) artifacts; (b) value

What is the most economical order quantity

A firm machinery manufacture requires 7,000 air filters per year as replacement parts on mechanical harvesters. The filters cost $3 each and are stored in rented facilities at

Compare and contrast strategic and tactical compensation

Compare and contrast strategic and tactical compensation. Illustrate with a specific example; i.e., your organization or one you are familiar with. Does it use a strategic or

Equal employment opportunity commission

List the steps involved in the process of filing a claim for discrimination within the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). When can the process of judicial review


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