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You are the Project Manager on a project where a seller is not performing in accordance with the contract. Specifically the products delivered by the seller so far do not meet the acceptance testing requirements described in the contract. To make matters worse, despite negotiations, the seller is refusing to admit that it has a problem or to correct the issues. Your procurement is at a standstill. Explain your some of your available options under the UCC before you have to resort to litigation or ADR.

Reference no: EM131124467

Analysis of customer complaints at e-commerce retailer

Analysis of customer complaints at an e-commerce retailer revealed the following: Billing errors 537 Shipping errors 2,460 Electronic charge errors 650 Shipping delays 5,372 P

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What disparate treatment means and disparate impact

Please define sexual harrassment. In addition what was discussed in the discussion section of this class related to sexual harrassment and define for the instructor what disp

How well would btbfs product meet demands of monarch burgers

How well would BTBF's products meet the demands of Monarch Burgers? Audrey's, in contrast, wants a turkey burger that is 11.95 ounces on average with a tolerance of 0.30


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