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Case Study: Performance Management at Heinz Australia

You are asked as an independent consultant to conduct a critical review of the company's employee performance management strategies for Heinz Company Australia and recommend the way forward. Write a business report that answers all the three questions:

1. How was Heinz's approach to performance management invalid in relation to Moretti's job? Explain your answer in relation to significance of strategic performance management, appraisal and employee feedback in organisational context.

2. How was Heinz's approach towards employee performance management unreliable? Discuss your answer that relates employee performance management and its impact on strategic human resource management and organisational performances.

3. Identify the ways in which Heinz's employee performance management could be improved. As part of your answer, make sure you explain carefully how the company should implement your recommendations because so much of success in this area depends on the ‘how' of any strategy is implemented.

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Reference no: EM13742300

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