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Statistics and Data Analysis - Statistical Modelling Assignment


This assignment will test your skill to collect and analyse data to answer a specific business problem. It will also test your understanding and skill to use statistical methods to make inferences about business data and solve business problems, including constructing hypotheses, test them and interpret the findings.

Gender gap is the difference between the salary of men and the salary of women. The reasons of gender gap are not only because of discrimination in hiring, but also includes the different industries that women and men are working, as well as many other reasons. By using an edited subset of the sample file from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), your task is to summarise and analyse several aspects of the salary and occupation of the different gender. In addition, you are also asked to suggest one relevant research question and then collect and analyse a dataset that will answer your research question.


There are two datasets involved in this assignment: Dataset 1 and Dataset 2, detailed below.

Dataset 1: You will receive an email that contains a dataset that is specifically allocated to you. This dataset is a subset of 2013-2014 individual sample file, provided by the ATO and has been edited to only include a subset of the cases and variables. The original dataset can be obtained, and it is under the license of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia. Data dictionary of the edited dataset is given in the following table.





Gender (sex)

Female or Male

Occ code

Salary/wage occupation code

0 = Occupation not listed/ Occupation not specified 1= Managers

2 = Professionals

3 = Technicians and Trades Workers

4 = Community and Personal Service Workers

5 = Clerical and Administrative Workers

6 = Sales workers

7 = Machinery operators and drivers

8 = Labourers

9 = Consultants, apprentices and type not specified or not listed


Salary/wage amount

All numeric

Gift amt

Gifts or donation deductions

All numeric

Dataset 2: Collect data (e.g. via a survey) that will answer your research question. There is no requirement about the number of variables, sampling methods and sample size, but you need to justify your approaches in Section 1 (see below).

Both datasets should be saved in an Excel file (one file, separate worksheets). All data processing should be performed in Excel or Statkey.
Prepare a report in a document file (.doc or .docx) which includes all relevant tables and figures, using the following structure:

1. Section 1: Introduction

a. Give a brief introduction about the assignment, including your research question. Include a short summary of a related article with a proper citation.

b. Dataset 1: Give a short description about this dataset. Is this primary or secondary data? What types of variable(s) is involved? Display the first 5 cases of your dataset.

c. Dataset 2: Explain how you collect the data and discuss its limitation (e.g. whether your sample is biased). Is this primary or secondary data? What type of variable(s) is/are involved? You don't need to display your data in this section.

2. Section 2: Descriptive Statistics

Use Dataset 1

a. Using suitable graphical display, describe the relationship between the variables Gender and Occ_code for Dataset 1. Make sure your graph shows the distribution of Gender for each Occ_code.

b. Using suitable graphical display, describe the relationship between the variables Gender and Sw_amt.

c. Using suitable numerical summary, describe the relationship between the variables Gender and Sw_amt.

d. Using suitable graphical display, describe the relationship between the variables Sw_amt and Gift amt.

3. Section 3: Inferential Statistics

Use Dataset 1

a. List top 4 occupation based on median salary and find the proportion of the gender of those top 4 occupation.

b. Perform a suitable hypothesis test at a 5% level of significance to test whether the proportion of machinery operators and drivers who are male is more than 80%.

c. Perform a suitable hypothesis test at a 5% level of significance to test whether there is a difference in salary amount between gender.
Use Dataset 2

d. Perform a suitable statistical analysis on dataset 2 (the one you collected) that will answer your research question.

4. Section 4: Discussion & Conclusion
a. What can you conclude from your findings in the previous sections?
b. Give a suggestion for further research


A presentation/interview for the assignment is scheduled on Week 11, in your allocated tutorial.

You do NOT need to prepare a presentation material (e.g. power-point slides), instead, you will be asked to demonstrate and/or explain how you summarised the data and how you performed the analysis. You may be asked to reproduce what you have made in your written report (e.g. generate a chart or numerical summary using Excel or Statkey).


1. Main report, in a Microsoft Word document file (this is the file that will be marked, it should contain all necessary tables and figures)

2. Dataset, in a Microsoft Excel file (this is just a supporting file)

Main report (word document):

1. Size: A4
2. Use Assignment Cover Page (download from Moodle) with your details and signature
3. Single space
4. Font: Calibri, 11pt
Dataset (excel document):
1. Dataset 1 in Sheet 1
2. Dataset 2 in Sheet 2
3. Data processing for each section in other sheets (rename the sheet appropriately)

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