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Given the following design for a money transfer protocol which utilizes public key cryptography to assure confidentiality and authenticity of the transmission.


Issuing a Check:

1. Payee (A) will contact the bank requesting the issuance of $ amount check made payable to (B).

2. Bank responds by sending the payee a check receipt CR, where:

CR = RSA( PuA , check )

check = RSA( PuC , token )

token = AES128( KeyBank , amount )

3. Payee (A) receives the check receipt from the bank, extract the check from it and pass it to the receiver (C).

4. The receiver extracts the token from the check and pass it to the bank encrypted with its own private key to collect the money.

From C to Bank: RSA( PrC , token )

Given the following information about A, C, and the Bank:

For A:

Modulus (n):




Public Exp. (e): 010001

Private Exp.(d):




For C:

Modulus (n):




Public Exp. (e): 010001

Private Exp.(d):




For the Bank:

AES128 Key: C1D0F8FB4958670DBA40AB1F3752EF0D

Calculate the messages sent in steps 1 to 4 if A is sending $ amount equals to your NYIT ID to C.


Propose an electronic cash transfer system (similar to Bitcoin) that is completely decentralized. Illustrate how funds transfer can take place. Show the different system components and the cryptographic techniques used to implement your design.

Perform a risk assessment on your design and compare it to existing eCash transfer systems.

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This assignment make the use of the RSA and AES128 encryption and the decryption technique. It also contain the electronic cash transfer method technique and its risk.

Reference no: EM131311269

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Propose an electronic cash transfer system (similar to Bitcoin) that is completely decentralized. Illustrate how funds transfer can take place. Show the different system components and the cryptographic techniques used to implement your design.

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