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Consider a warehouse with 5 SKU's. The unit selling prices for these items are $91, $5, $444, $500, and $598 respectively. The annual sales volumes for these 5 items are 987 units, 1,000 units, 2,000 units, 20 units, and 451 units. According to our discussion on inventory profiling, what percentage of the annual sales is the result from the top 20 % of the SKU's?

Reference no: EM131226656

Recent economics article

Please write a one page summary of the article below. Please incorporate Macro economics principles or theories. If the below article is not desirable please choose a recent

Benefits and risks of cloud computing

What are the benefits and risks of cloud computing? Do you use a cloud to store any of your files or photographs? Does a company you do business with use cloud computing? Ho

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Research or analyze past diversification case through acquisition or self development. What is the background or rational? Does it make sense? Why? What was the predicted r

Compare the relevant costs to determine

The company has also determined that 25% of the fixed manufacturing overhead will still be incurred regardless if the company makes or buys the sheets. Compare the relevant

Processes of configuration management

In general, processes of configuration management do not include...50 o ...identification and documentation of system or item characteristics. o ...controlling changes to

Formulated in the linear program as a ratio

The money invested in bonds should be at least 20% of the total money invested in bonds, stocks, and real estate. [Note: This constraint is a ratio and must be formulated in

Model in management proposes businesses

Please help me solve this, Which model in management proposes businesses to operate as two-way systems, with open receipt of inputs from society and open disclosure of opera

Significant amounts of time in practice

The crew chief spends significant amounts of time in practice with the pit crew. They try to reduce valuable seconds from their work times with the car while in the pits.


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