Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments

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Management is pleased with the progress that has been made and likes the steps you have taken to set up a secured network environment. During the last status meeting, it was asked, has everything been done that is possible to ensure the security of the environment? Your response was that you believed it has, but one way to be sure is to conduct a vulnerability assessment and a penetration test.

  • Create a PowerPoint presentation of 6-8 slides that includes lecture notes and a references slide. It must cover the following:
    • Describe at least two common security threats against wired and wireless devices and typical countermeasures used by corporate security teams Describe at least two Identity & Access Management tools needed to measure and monitor security risks across the enterprise.
    • Explanation about penetration testing and vulnerability assessments regarding how they differ.
    • Identify the benefits of using penetration testing and vulnerability assessments relative to threats.
    • Discuss the tools available in the industry (at least 5 different tools should be discussed) and explain how they can be used to mitigate security vulnerabilities.

The presentation must include a title slides, topics of discussion slides, main content slides, and reference slides. The references must use APA structure for organization of reference information. Font and font size are not required to meet APA format.

Reference no: EM131349918

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