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Your company has the opportunity to invest $75,000 in a new project opportunity but due to cash flow concerns, your boss wants to know when you can pay back the original investment. Using the discounted payback method, you determine that the project should generate inflows of $30,000, $30,000, $25,000, $25,000, and $20,000, respectively, for an expected five years after completion of the project. Your firm’s required rate of return is 12.5%. Calculate how long it should take to pay back the initial project investment.

Reference no: EM131259500

Realize by accepting the special order

At Bargain Electronics, it costs $31 per unit ($18 variable and $13 fixed) to make an MP3 player at full capacity that normally sells for $46. A foreign wholesaler offers to b

How did these factors affect the net income for fiscal

Consider the overall effect of these two ratios. Did Foot Locker, Inc. improve during fiscal 2007? How did these factors affect the net income for fiscal 2007?

Considering the replacement of equipment used in operations

Mueller Company is considering the replacement of equipment used in operations. The following data are available: Old Equipment New Equipment Original cost $93,000 $60,000 Use

Calculate return on investment based on the information

Calculate return on investment based on the information given above. Maryland Bakers overstates its Merchandise inventory at the end of the year . Which of the following stat

Explain how the cost of the audit is determined

They ask for a full explanation of the service to be provided and to explain how the cost of the audit is determined. Can your help by sending an example of this type of mem

Semi-annual compounding of interest

How many years will it take for RM29,916 to grow to be RM554,000 if it is invested in an account with a quoted annual interest rate of 12% with semi-annual compounding of inte

Show the influence on the optimal dividend policy

Myron Gordon and John Lintner believe that the re­quired return on equity increases as the dividend payout ratio is decreased. Their argument is based on the assumption

Prepare the journal entry to record depletion

Compute Campbell's asset turnover ratio, compute Campbell's profit margin on sales - Everly estimates that 4,000 tons of coal can be extracted. If 700 tons are extracted the


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