Pass through the diffusion membrane

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Initially, Lugol's iodine was placed inside the diffusion bag, and starch was placed outside the bag. Which of these materials was able to pass through the diffusion membrane? How do you know?

Reference no: EM132280066

What is the pressure at an altitude

Problem: The rate change of atmospheric pressure P with respect to altitude h is proportional to P, provided that the temperature is constant. At a specific temperature the

Discuss the founder effect

If gametes from a gene pool combine randomly to make only a small number of zygotes, the allele frequencies among the zygotes may be different and discuss the founder effect

Two alleles of a single gene

Use the following information for the next 2 questions. Pigeons have two alleles of a single gene that determines whether they have feathers on their lower legs. The alleles

What is the difference between a cdna and a genomic library

When looking for a gene of interest, we often scan cDNA libraries. What is the difference between a cDNA and a genomic library? Can you think of situations in which we would

Identify articulation site that allows us to rotate our head

1) Identify the articulation site that allows us to nod our head "yes". choice (A) or (B) (A) Occipital bone - axis (B) Occipital bone - atlas Identify the articulation site

Flagellated protest giardia

The flagellated protest Giardia does not have true mitochondria but does have organelles called mitosomes. Determine what features would you look for to test the hypothesis th

Answer the following objective question basis of plastid

Q200. Term Plastid was first used by- (a)    Haeckal (b)   Schimper (c)     Mayer (d)   Erera

When are ketones produced

1. How can a patient's hydration status be measured by urine color? 2. Research ketonuria. What is this disease? How does it occur, and can it be treated? 3. Why does


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