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On completion of this course you are hired by the company Tickets R Us. Part of your first project is to develop an application to assist with the selling of tickets. After discussing with your client, you identify that each ticket requires two attributes: a serial number and a price. You also identify that three types of tickets are sold: counter tickets, Web tickets, and discount tickets. Following are the specifications: 1. Counter tickets are sold on the day of the event at a ticket counter. They cost £50. 2. Web tickets are purchased on the internet. Web tickets purchased a week in advance of the event are £30 and those purchased less than a week in advance are £40. 3. Discount tickets are a type of Web tickets. They are available for students and senior citizens. They are 50 percent off normal Web ticket prices, i.e. if purchased a week or more in advance they are £15 and if purchased less than a week in advance they are £20. To purchase a discount ticket you either need to be a student or a senior citizen. Proper identification will be needed at the time the ticket is collected. The reason for the discount (student or senior) will be printed on the ticket. For this assignment implement the following: a. A class called Ticket which will be the superclass of both types of tickets (CounterTicket and WebTicket). All common fields and operations (methods) need to be implemented for this class. Following are additional specifications for this class 1. each time a ticket is made, a serial number is incremented. 2. A constructor Ticket() 3. a method public int getPrice() to return the ticket's price 4. a method public String toString() returns a String. This return value can be used to print a ticket b. The class WebTicket inherits from Ticket. o A constructor WebTicket(int days) c. The class DiscountTicket inherits from WebTicket. o A constructor DiscountTicket(int days, String type) o Since discount tickets indicate the type of discount (i.e. 'student' or 'senior''), you will need to override the toString() method. d. Pricing information about the various tickets need to be given in the form of static variables as shown below: public static int COUNTER_TICKET_PRICE = 50; public static int WEB_TICKET_PRICE = 30; public static int WEB_TICKET_LT_WEEK_PRICE = 40; public static double DISCOUNT = 0.5; Please note that you have to place the static variables mentioned above in the appropriate classes (for example, Web ticket pricing information would be in WebTicket). To guide your development efforts as part of this assignment description you are provided a TicketsTst class and a test method. Include this class in your BlueJ project (easiest way would be to create a new TicketsTst class within BlueJ and then cut and paste the code you have been provided). For convenience, the test method is static. Hence, you do not need to create an instance of TicketsTst. Just right click on Ticketstst and run the test method. On running the test method your output should look like the following: Ticket: [ serial#: 0 Price: 30] Ticket: [ serial#: 1 Price: 40] Ticket: [ serial#: 2 Price: 50] Ticket: [ serial#: 3 Price: 20 Type: Student] Ticket: [ serial#: 4 Price: 15 Type: Senior] Total sales: 155

Reference no: EM13165691

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