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1. The use of a purchasing consortium is most appropriate for

a. Routine items

b. Leverage items

c. Bottleneck items

d. Strategic items

e. It is never appropriate—it is a violation of competition

2. Supplier score cards are most likely to be part of which step in the strategic sourcing process?

a. Plan

b. Source

c. Bid/negotiate and contract

d. Procure

e. Reconcile and pay

3. Bottleneck items:

a. Are unique

b. Have low market complexity

c. Are purchased in large volume so they are very important

d. All of the above

e. Only a and c

4. Ongoing supplier assessment is generally unrelated to the supplier selection process.

True False

5. A 100 point scoring system allows for more refined differences in supplier scoring that a 5 point scale.

True False

Reference no: EM132234357

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