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1. How can companies carry out personality testing as part of the interviewing process in a way which better addresses reliability and validity?

Do you think it is ethical to use personality tests as part of the pre-interview screening process? Why/why not?

2. What sets Pandora’s recommendation system apart from other sites like Amazon and Netflix? 2) Why is Pandora a good example of the success of the “Long Tail” on the Web?

3. Review the basic qualifications of a supervisory or management position, including the “two-hat” nature of the management position. Lastly, review the indicators of professionalism. Prepare an essay, using APA format, discussing the following prompts:

Why is it said that even qualifying for a position provides no guarantee that a person is going to fit in and ultimately succeed?

Which set of “qualifications” is the focus of the case study method of education:

Is it valid to claim that some people are “temperamentally suited to management” while some are not? Why, or why not?

Discuss the relationship between professional behavior and professional treatment.

Reference no: EM132185225

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