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Plan and write an essay in which you compare the film adaptation to the play of either The Little Foxes or A Streetcar Named Desire. Your goal is to write a unified and coherent paper that makes and develops a point worth making and that explores at least three components of adaptation. Your focus should thus center on the additions, changes, or omissions that we have noted in class. Be mindful that changes generally stem from the director's vision of the playwright's material or from the differences between the stage and screen mediums. Whatever approach you take, be sure to analyze rather than merely summarize--that is, focus on the how and why rather than the what.

  • Use the alternating rather than the block method of development and follow the standard organizational scheme:
  • opening paragraph-introduce topic and state main point;
  • body paragraphs--develop main point with sub-points and evidence;
  • brief concluding paragraph--bring main point into focus without repeating what you have already said.
  • The essay is to be written in class on Monday, May 16. You may make a detailed outline in advance.

Reference no: EM131058420

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