Paper on challenge of training international civilian police

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Write a research paper about Challenges of Training International Civilian Police.

Assignment Instructions

Your paper assignment will explore and develop the research question you proposed and that had been approved by the professor. It will also include the resources in your literature review and additional items you have found later in your research and writing. It must analyze the research question systematically using a clear methodology.

Your final paper should be 10-12 pages long. Spelling and grammar matter, as does the clarity and organization of your writing. The paper must have a title page and a bibliography. All pages except the title page must be numbered. The title page and bibliography do not count toward the page limit.

Label each section of the research paper (e.g., introduction, purpose statement, literature review, methodology, analysis, conclusions).

Please use 12 point Times new Roman font, standard one-inch margins all around, and double space.

Reference no: EM131052622

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