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Term Paper:

You will write an individual term paper on a topic of your choice. To find a topic I suggest you look at the chapters.  Pay attention to the major themes and concepts discussed in the chapters and ask what you can explore/analyze further as a topic for the term paper.

The topic could be conceptual and research-oriented. Or, it could be a practical exercise with key managerial challenges that entry-level professionals working in international business are likely to encounter. It could be about a particular company, an industry, or companies in general. Whether the paper is conceptual or practical you are expected to analyze the problem thoroughly, develop insights, and offer specific recommendations.

The paper must be typed, using a 12-pitch font, double-spacing and 1 inch margins. The text portion of the paper should not exceed twelve pages. There are no limits on tables and figures that can be attached. The term paper is due on the last day of class (12/8). You must provide appropriate citation for the sources used in writing the paper. Inadequate or missing citations will adversely affect your term paper grade.

Topics to choose from:

-Globalization and International Business.

-The Culture Environments Facing Business.

-The Political and Legal Environments Facing Business.

-The Economic Environments Facing Business.

-International Trade and Factor-Mobility Theory.

-Government Influence on Trade.

-Cross-National Cooperation and Agreements.

-Globalization and Society.

-The Strategy of International Business.

-Direct Investment and Collaborative Strategies.

-The Organization of International Business.

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