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Scenario for paper Discussion

We all agreed to use Scenario: Choose an existing U.S. based business the does not currently have international operations and expand it globally.

For our paper and PowerPoint project we came to the agreement of choosing an existing U.S. based business the does not currently have international operations and expand it globally. With doing so we are basing our project on the company Perrigo. Perrigo Company is a manufacturer of private labelover-the-counterpharmaceuticals.The company operates in three segments; Consumer Healthcare, Rx Pharmaceuticals, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. This segment has analgesic, cough/cold/allergy/sinus, first aid, antacids, hemorrhoid remedies, sleep aid products, feminine hygiene products, vitamin, and nutritional supplement products. So we as a team decided to go with infant formula as our product to introduce into the country of Chile for the company to go global.

These are the Topics that needs to be covered as Listed below:

Economies of Scale,
Economic Integration Opportunity?

Reference no: EM13839107

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