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In class, we discussed how H146 of the β-chain of normal adult hemoglobin ends up in close proximity to D94 on the same chain when oxygen is delivered to the tissues. In hemoglobin Hiroshima, however, H146 on the β-chain has been changed to a D through mutation.

a) What effect, if any, does this mutation have on oxygen binding by hemoglobin Hiroshima, compared to normal hemoglobin? Explain. Hb Hiroshima will bind O2 easier. (You explain why).

b) What effect, if any, does this mutation have on the Bohr Effect of this mutant hemoglobin? Explain. This mutation will weaken the H+ portion of the Bohr effect, but will have no consequence on the CO2 portion of the Bohr Effect. (You explain why for both).

Reference no: EM131408645

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