Overview - the masculine dilemma of seeking work flexibility

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I have my articles researched already and must use the articles provided by me thanks.

Article -

1. When Equal Isn't Really Equal: The Masculine Dilemma of Seeking Work Flexibility

2. Flexibility key to gender diversity in the workplace, an issue we cannot afford to ignore

3. Employment law implications of reporting on gender diversity in the workplace

Annotated Bibliography - A guide to each section - Introduction - Introduce your reader to the essay. What will you discuss?, what is the topic??

- Always start with a broad overview of the research topic. E.g. Employee retention is critical for the short term and long term sustainability of an organisation.

This paper will... (like a normal essay introduction) Annotation 1 (Insert Full Reference of 1st article - primary article)

Consists of 7 key parts:

1. Aim - this study aimed to.

2. Method - including:

a. how they collected data

b. where they collected data

3. Results - what did they find?

4. Conclusion - what was their overall conclusion?

5. Strength - name one strength of the paper

6. Limitation - name one limitation of the paper (NOTE: you cannot! Use the same limitation that is noted in the paper, you have to think of your own).

7. How you will use the article in your argument Annotation 2 (Insert Full Reference of 1st article - primary article) Repeat above summary Annotation 3 (Insert Full Reference of 1st article - primary article) Repeat above summary Annotation 4 (Insert Full Reference of 1st article - primary article)

Repeat above summary Annotation 5 (Insert Full Reference of 1st article - primary article) Repeat above summary Discussion Compare and contrast the 4 articles you found (Articles 2-5) with the primary article.

HINT: use the limitations and context as part of your critical review Recommendation and Conclusion - Overall, do you support or not the conclusions of the first author? (primary article 1) - based on your evidence from the other four articles.

- What future research is needed to further examine the subject? The topic for this annonated bibliography is Diversity - Gender

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Reference no: EM13850532

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