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1. Provide a detailed overview of the U.S. publicly traded company, Priceline. This should be 3 pages.

2. Evaluate the company's vulnerability to current financial threats, such as a recession, higher interest rates, and global competition.

3. Based on the financial trends of the company, predict how these trends will impact financial performance in future periods. Explain your rationale for this prediction.

Reference no: EM13116565

Important concepts applicable to international finance

Identify and briefly discuss two important concepts applicable to international finance. For example, the foreign currency risk can be mitigated through forward foreign exchan

Discussion on reserve currency

The US dollar is the world's reserve currency. China, Russia, and other smaller countries are increasingly voicing a desire for a new currency to replace the US dollar as th

Analysis of financial statements and efficiency

Draw a scratch-work Balance Sheet for a company with Assets = 100, and describe the leverage of a company where you decide how much leverage the company has.

Article analysis by using macroeconommic indices

Conduct an analysis of a recent article and provide their evaluation and outcome expectations in a written paper of 1500-2500 words that discusses:

Changing currency value and its effect on trade

Explain how a rise in the euro might affect a French company exporting wine to the U.S., and compare that to the impact on a German firm importing semiconductors from the U.

Currency exposure with diversification

How would you evaluate the following statement: "A firm can reduce its currency exposure by diversifying across different business lines."

Currency effects

When South Korea's export growth stalled, some South Korean firms suggested that South Korea's primary export problem was the weakness in the Japanese yen.

Risks of noncompliance in corporate governance

Organizations must address compliance concerns to ensure their longevity. There is a measurable amount of risk associated with falling out of compliance. The degree of risk


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