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Format: Research proposal and Literature review

Words: 1800 words (not included references)

Required to prepare a research proposal outline and associated literature review that will inform the design and structure of the research project which is the final job.

You will need to identify an industry-related research situation that interests you, and consider and describe the problem needing investigation and the related research objectives (also referred to as the Sub-problems of your problem Statement), following the instructions below.

A review of current literature is then required to help describe and contextualize the industry-related research situation and justify the research design and data collection methods you will use in the associated research project which is the final job. For example: you have recently been employed as a marketing manager for a tourist attraction located in American. Your marketing director has given you a number of research projects that need to be undertaken to inform the development of marketing plans and strategies. First task in your new role is to prepare a research proposal that outlines how you would undertake the following research project: to determine what type of experiences visitors generally like to experience when they visit the attraction.


1. Prepare a research proposal that addresses the following criteria:

a. Background (250 words)-provide a brief overview describing the industry-related research situation relevant to the research proposal you have selected to develop (for example, if using the example above you would describe the location of the attraction and the experiences it offers);

b. Significance (250 words) ----explain the significance and need for this research from the perspective of the management and marketing of the attraction;

c. Scope (150 words maximum)-explain the geographical, temporal and demographics cope of the proposed research;

d. Problem statement and objectives (150 words maximum) ----determine a clear and concise problem statement and two research objectives (also referred to as the Sub-problems in the lectures) that related to your research proposal.

2. Prepare a literature review that critically evaluates ten references from sources of academic literature (books and/or academic journal articles) from 2009 to 2016 that relate to:
- On significant concept or theme related to your selected research proposal (minimum 5 references); and
- Informs (e.g. provides justification for) your research design and date collection methods related to your selected research proposal (minimum 5 references).

3. Provide a references list (Harvard style)


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Cultural diversity is the central theme of discussion in the current article. Issues discussed in the article include implications of cultural diversity to the organization in general. Specific focuses on management of cultural diversity along with advantages of cultural diversity management. The research proposed is prepared with the two research objectives mentioned above. Also there is an initial discussion proposed regarding the possible primary and secondary research in these areas.

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Title: Customer satisfaction in Work place – A reflection

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Customer satisfaction is indeed very serious concern and in turn will decide the outlook of the people towards any organization in general. Better the customer satisfaction better will be the turn-over rate in general for any organization.

Hence for any organization in general, customer satisfaction remains central theme and element of great importance for research. Customer satisfaction is a business requirements and the conditions in the organization should work on to promote the customer satisfaction in general. Well managed and better customer satisfaction of the employee will contribute to the business development and better organizational performance.

This infact will contribute to the competitive edge of the organization. The current write-up is focused to identify the customer satisfaction in organizations particular in relation with operational efficiency. The way how the customer satisfaction will influence the organizational performance and how it will works to influence the organizational performance in general are key areas of research identified in the current discussion.

The workplace selected is the four star hotel,’ seasons of Perth, and the customer satisfaction in this hotel is the subject of interest and the research is performed in that hotel.

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