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Based on your reading, give your understanding of the industry and what you have learned. Explain how course has changed your overall view of logistics and transportation. What are you taking away that you can use on your job tomorrow.

Part -1  Inland waterway, Short-sea, and Coastal Shipping

Part -2 Intermodal Road and Rail Vechicles and Maritime vessels

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Reference no: EM13839269

Explaining how ra would invest to minimize risk

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Identity your personal values and beliefs. Detail how any biases you have might impact your reaction to the student or clients. What steps will you take to ensure ethical pr

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Although O'Keefe did not violate any laws, he should be punished. His behavior was unethical. He lied about his identity to Ron Schiller and edited the video to present fals

What are the three strongest aspects of the plan

Does the plan capture all of the learning that Antonio and JB have accumulated? What three questions do you think Antonio and JB need to answer through further planning before


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