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Of the potential strategies, propose one strategy that you would recommend to TESLA's board of directors. Identify the internal strengths that substantiate your recommendation. If there are weaknesses to be overcome, propose a viable set of actions that the firm must undertake. If TESLA is a multi-business firm, evaluate how your proposed strategy complements the overall strategy of TESLA at the corporate level.

Reference no: EM131275519

Competitive pay strategy

With whom does your organization compete in terms of compensation and benefits? What is your company’s competitive pay strategy? Do they attempt to pay more, the same or less

Complacency-conservatism and conceit

Which of the three Cs (Complacency, Conservatism, Conceit) do you think was most to blame for IBM’s problems? Why do you conclude this? Conduct research and defend your side o

How they will attract and satisfy customers

The top managers of the corporation are meeting to discuss how they will compete in their chosen markets and how they will attract and satisfy customers. These managers are di

Identify the best value discipline and generic strategy

Write a paper of no more than 1,400 words that evaluates alternatives an organization must consider to realize growth. Identify the best value discipline, generic strategy, an

How does an organization socialize an individual

Discuss the three main socialization stages. (a) Why is successful socialization so important in career success? (b) How does an organization socialize an individual? When dis

Describe the gift-giving situation facing the consumer

A consumer whom you know faces a gift-giving situation that involves extensive problem solving. Describe the gift-giving situation facing the consumer and the nature of the gi

Relate the familiar to explain the unfamiliar

The book says that in an Informative Speech your should "Relate the familiar to explain the unfamiliar". Explain what this means and give an example in your postings this week

Single most important attribute for leader to possess

Do you ever reflect, after the fact, about how effective your behavior was in a particular situation? Is this ever a source of new or different insights? Please share your ins


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