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Determine the pros and cons of the following consequences of outsourcing decisions made by United States firms in response to increasing globalization and tougher competition in marketplace. Give a comparative analysis of the differing or similar perspectives of CEO's and senior executives, shareholders, middle managers, economists, and civilians for each issue.

Are the products of higher or lower quality? Are the services better and faster?

How is the United States coping with job losses, lost wages, the emotional toll, and re-employment at lower wages? What are the ripple effects of the consequences of outsourcing to the American workers?

What are the highest priorities of United States companies when they decide to outsource? Do you believe it is corporate greed of CEOs, senior executives and shareholders? How important is the middle management role in carrying out top management strategic initiatives on the company's outsourcing decisions?

What are the concerns of common citizens on personal data such as medical transcriptions and credit card information in a foreign country where there are less stringent regulations on privacy?


Reference no: EM1373777

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