Outline specific ethical issue facing a particular business
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Assignment - Global Business Ethics

1. Structure and guidance:

a) Outline the specific main ethical issue/challenge facing a particular business (up to 500 words)

b) Conduct the literature review (highlighting the points of agreement and disagreements as well as the existing gaps on the selected topic) in relation to the afore-mentioned one specific ethical issue/challenge based on at least 12-15 research papers from such journals as Business Ethics Quarterly, Business & Society, Journal of Business Ethics, Strategic Management Journal, Human Relations, Journal of World Business, Global Strategy Journal, International Business Review, International Journal of Management Reviews, and others (up to 1, 000 words).

c) Critically evaluate the approach the selected business is currently taking in order to cope with the specific ethical issue/challenge (up to 750 words).

d) Provide detailed recommendations regarding how the business should develop its approach to managing its ethics profile in the future (up to 750 words).

2. Examples of the ethical issues/challenges may refer (but not limited) to: corporate social responsibility, pro-environmental approach, employee green behavior, global supply chain management in the developing countries,behavioral integrity of managers on employee attitudes, whistle-blowing,  non-profit business organizations, cultural conflicts in strategic partnerships, and others explicitly presented in the teaching plan of the module.

Word count - 3000

Special Request: At least 30 academic references.

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