Outline problem presented in national healthcare coverage

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Create a PowerPoint presentation at least 10 slides in length that discusses your planned proposal. Each process should be outlined in 2-4 slides. Include detailed speaker's notes that describe your program, which should include your answers to the questions below. Be sure to include references and citations from at least five sources. Your PowerPoint presentation needs to be visually appealing, to catch your audience''s attention, as your goal is to promote your program to the health care organization groups and people attending.

Outline the problem presented in the current national healthcare coverage in the United States.

How does uncertainty and risk effect insurance companies, businesses, and the employed and unemployed people of the country?

What solution would you propose? Why? Provide a step- by-step plan for implementation of your proposal.

How will your solutions reduce the long-term health care costs for all groups, protect stakeholders from economic devastation, improve patient safety, quality of care, and wellness.

This project will be presented in PowerPoint style, as you will be submitting your proposal to this bi-partisan group of citizens and legislators.

Reference no: EM13906368

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