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Organizations today have adopted innovative measures to retain key talent and reduce turnover. These measures include dual-career paths and alternative or flexible work arrangements. In addition, some organizations also provide their employees with outplacement, recruitment, and coaching services.

Managers should know and understand how to develop an employee in his/her preferred career path. In order for the assessment data to be beneficial to the employee, the manager should understand and know how to interpret the data. For this assignment, you will conduct an interview with someone who is in or has been in a management position and write a 4-5 page paper covering the following items:

  • What value does the manager you interviewed place on career self-assessments?
  • What role does the interviewee play in helping his or her employee reach their career objectives? Does the manager see any room for improvement in this area? Why or why not?
  • Based on your interview, outline proactive approaches employees can employ to gain assistance from his/her manager to advance within the organization and discuss how the information gathered from a career assessment can be used to promote internal career development
  • In addition, address the steps the employee can take to ensure assistance is received on a continual basis from the manager to promote workplace self-development.

Reference no: EM13816029

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