Origins of vernacular language

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Until the 25-century, Latin was the language used between the educated and within literature. Research and report on origins of vernacular language, and its spread. Assess and evaluate the impacts the spread of vernacular languages on cultures during this period.

Reference no: EM1375019

Any way in which oil price shocks could have been beneficial

All major nations had their currencies set at a fixed exchange rate with the American dollar, but the dollar was the only currency convertible into gold. Nixon's unilateral

What happened to the per worker productivity in turkey

What happened to the per worker productivity in Turkey? What happened to the steady state per work capital level in Turkey? What happened to the golden rule per work capital

Targeting money stock

Suppose the Fed has already make a decision that it wishes to target the money stock. Will the Fed come closer to its target by setting the interest rate at a given level, or

Examine effect of a one-time rise in the foreign price level

Use the DD-AA model to examine the effects of a one-time rise in the foreign price level, P*. If the expected future exchange rate Ee falls immediately in proportion to P* (

What does the large u.s. current account deficlt

Explain how current account imbalance create a risk for the global economy. What does the large U.S. current account deficlt tell us about the U.S economy? Are there reasons

What would be effect the price of gas in the us

in US, gas cost 2.5 per gallon. in italy, gas cost 6 per gallon. what effect dose this price differential likely  have on a.the size of cars in us and italy b. the use of publ

Determine the annual payment required to retire

Suppose payments are made at the end of every year, determine the annual payment required to retire a $50,000 loan with a term of 5 years and an interest rate of 10 percent;

Compute real gdp per person for each year

Use the data on U.S. real GDP below to compute real GDP per person for each year. Then use these numbers to compute the percentage increase in real GDP per person from 1987


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