Organizations continuing to shed jobs
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  • In today's economic climate, with more and more organizations continuing to shed jobs, can unions survive?
  • Consider a specific union, such as the United Auto Workers, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Teamsters, National Education Association, American Federation of Teachers, and so forth, and discuss their viability into the future. What does this specific union need to focus on to remain in the business world?
  • What changes are needed for unions to maintain support from their membership, the community, and the employers?
  • Labor unions are experiencing a decline, which includes political influence and membership. How does politics influence membership decline?
  • What generational aspects (i.e., baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y) have influenced labor unions and will continue to do so?
  • What other external dynamics are impacting labor unions? For example, how does the global workforce impact union strategies? For unions, where were they, where are they, and where do they need to go to remain or regain an active and viable organization in the 21st century?
  • For unions, where were they, where are they, and where do they need to go to remain or regain an active and viable organization in the 21st century?
  • What is the future of public sector employees and their union membership? A number of states have focused on reducing benefits and union rights. Is this the future and will this focus spread to other organizations outside of the public sector that have unions?
  • What types of bargaining strategies need to be put into place for unions to be able to survive inside organizations?

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