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Describe the overall leadership style(s) of your chosen senior executive.

Analyze the organizational structure and culture of the company your chosen executive has led, or is currently leading, and determine the company's approach to human capital management and employee development. Next, explain whether or not you believe your chosen senior executive's leadership approach has enhanced workplace productivity and the shared vision of the organization. Provide one to two (1-2) examples of your chosen senior executive's actions to support your response.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your selected leader's performance, based on his or her ethical conduct and effective communication. Next, determine whether the chosen leader was successful in motivating and empowering his or her employees and gaining customer loyalty.

Determine three (3) best practices that other organizational leaders can use in order to motivate employees and transform their company, based on practices that you believe made your chosen leader successful at his or her company and within his or her industry. Support your rationale with an explanation of the potential benefits that other business leaders may reap from your chosen best practices.

Reference no: EM131067744

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