Organizational profitability in the long-run

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What are some short-term decisions that corporations have made that have ultimately damaged their organizational profitability in the long-run? Why do you think that such behavior is encouraged?

This above question is in reference to Chapter 2- The Balance Sheet of Understanding Financial Statements

Reference no: EM131427529

Any ethical codes of professional societies

Discuss what professional skepticism is and whether or not there are any guidelines that may exist, whether that is in the form of actual guidelines, any codes of professional

Productivity of the company and increase employee morale

List and detail five (5) criteria that you will use to measure the worth of team building and creating a fun and stress free work enviornment to imporve the productivity of th

Similarities and differences between chains and franchising

Why would a supermarket want to lease space to an outside operator rather than run a business, such as dry cleaning, itself? What would be its risks in this approach? For exam

What could have groupon done to combat these concerns

Merchants were not completely at ease with Groupon’s general business model, citing the heavy discounts required and low repeat rates from customers as their two biggest conce

Call on several of their caribbean cruise itineraries

Royal Caribbean International, a major cruise line, owns a private beach in Haiti, which is typically a port of call on several of their Caribbean cruise itineraries. The priv

Organizational values and standards of ethics

What are some recommend practices and protocols for ethical leadership (nonprofit organization) that are compatible with community culture? How doe you ensure that the organiz

Consider the mcdonnell-douglas test

Michael Roberts, an African American truck driver, applied in person for a tractor trailer truck driver position at a trucking company on March 22, 2007 in response to a newsp

Addresses marketing objectives through techniques

Research that addresses marketing objectives through techniques that allow the researcher to provide elaborate interpretations of marketing phenomena without depending on nume


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