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Write a draft of no more than 1,800 words of the strategic plan for Target Corporation, including the following:

Implementation plan


Functional tactics

Action items

Milestones and a deadline

Tasks and task ownership

Resource allocation

Any required organizational change management strategies that would enhance successful implementation

Key success factors, budget, and forecasted financials, including a break-even chart

Risk management plan, including contingency plans for identified risks

Format your plan consistent with APA guidelines.

Reference no: EM13792815

Draft your recommendation to management

Analyze whether or not the company should continue manufacturing in Canada or if it should move back to the United States. This requires research into transportation cost es

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Use the Internet to research a large independent health system within the U.S. that utilizes a combination of centralized and decentralized leadership operational approaches (

A major steel producer uses a matrix structure

A major steel producer uses a matrix structure for research and development (R&D). Once the new product is developed, the product-organizational structure is used. Are there a

Recommend that the firm improve in the current line

Suppose management is seeking to improve a current system on the dimensions of WIP, cycle time, and/or throughput. You are brought in as an expert consultant to help managemen

Managing threats and opportunities of open corporation

Discuses websites which contain articles and information in the area of Management. The articles written on these websites are based on secondary information. The Authentic


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