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Are unethical decisions more a function of an individual decision maker or the decision maker's work environment? Explain your answer to this phenomenon and offer one real example based on your experience.

Reference no: EM13843178

Major categories of strategic alliances

Identify and give examples of the four (4) major categories of strategic alliances-product or service alliances, where one company licenses its product, two companies jointly

What are some pros and cons of external recruitment

For the next section of your paper, evaluate the pros and cons of the best practices you have benchmarked in each functional area. For example, if external recruitment is a “b

Business ethics-alternative dispute resolution

Are the courts the best forum to resolve business disputes? Choose the forum that you believe is the best forum to resolve business disputes. Explain your reasoning for choosi

Budgeting-forecasting and cost estimating techniques

Research some budgeting, forecasting, and cost estimating techniques. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of at least two of these techniques. Which technique would you prefer

What are some recognized advantages

What are some potential problems that must be overcome when using multicultural, diverse teams in today’s organizations? What are some recognized advantages? Identify and disc

Poisson and exponential distributions appear to be relevant

Calls arrive at Lynn Fish's hotel switchboard at the rate of 2 per minute. The average time to handle each is 20 seconds. There is only one operator at the current time. What

How can the current distribution plan be improved

How can the current distribution plan be improved? Would the savings in costs justify changing the established relations between the Ankara-Bursa and IstanbulAntalya brewery-d

For simpson securities

Harry Reid has been employed by Simpson Securities for 42 years as a stockbroker. He was 26 years old when they hired him. Within the last few years, Harry has not done so wel


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