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I have a case study for my organizational behavior class. It suppose to be 2000 words answer. I have the case in a book which I can scan and send, however the answer needs to be relevant to certain content (the book assigned to this course). I want to know how much it will cost ... it is due on Monday Oct. 24 at 5 pm.

Reference no: EM13189825

Example of sales and operations planning

What is a good example of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) being used in a company? Make answer as biref as possible.

Social movements and culture resource

Visit the Social Movements and Culture Resource website and familiarize yourself with one or more social movement. What types of people joined these movements?

Profound change in countries

Use the library, textbook, and the Web site for the World Health Organization (WHO) to research and explain why there is such a profound change in these countries during the

Connection between student unrest and the vietnam war

Describe the connection between student unrest and the Vietnam War, noting how each affected the other. Explain the political and social outcomes of the end of the Vietnam War

Divisiveness and devastation of the civil war

In many ways after the divisiveness and devastation of the Civil War, the United States searched for order economically, politically, geographically, socially and racially.

Describe how damages will be computed for victim

Describe how damages will be computed for each victim, and why families will gather different amounts. Is this fair system? Explain why or why not?

Collectivist societies-pregnancy is family-centered

In traditional, collectivist societies, pregnancy is family-centered, with active participation and guidance from the family. One noted exception is _____________, where pregn

What specific area of this topic would you like to focus on

Why have you selected this topic? What interests you academically or personally about your topic? What specific area of this topic would you like to focus on? What is your per


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