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Question 1

In some ways monitoring is easier in a partnership than a corporation, where shareholders monitor directors. In what ways is monitoring easier? In what ways is it not?

Question 2

A friend convinces you that she has a great idea for business, and the two of you incorporate. You supply her with funds and let her make all of the executive decisions. Under the agreement you hold 30 percent of the firm's stock and your friend holds 70 percent. Why should you ever put yourself into a position where your friend's decision will carry the day, whether you agree with her or not? What does this tell you about problems that allegedly stem from separation of ownership and control?

Reference no: EM13159807

How much could mountain power and light afford to spend

If the equipment provides more efficient turbine performance to the extent of $20,000 in year 1, $22,000 in year 2, and amounts increasing by $2000 per year, how much could

This vacant office space is unemployed capital

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Share the monopoly profit using trigger strategies

Consider an infinitely repeated Cournot duopoly with discount factor 0, and inverse demand functions p(Q)=a-bQ, with a>c and b>0. Find the condition on the discount factor, f

What was the real interest rate

When calculating its CPI, Econville uses a market basket that includes 4 apples and 2 bananas. If Ellen, a resident of Econville, had her money in the bank earning an annual

What are the pluses and minuses of such a clause

You are CEO of a large publicly traded company. You are negotiating several contracts with foreign governments in Vietnam, India, and Brazil to provide hardware and software

Difference between a public and a private good

In a market economy there are two types of goods being produced: public and private goods. After reading the assigned chapters, what is the difference between a public and a

Discuss in which armed conflict affect a developing economy

Discuss the in which an armed conflict can affect a developing economy and analyze the reasons why developed nations do not experience the same kinds of social upheaval.

Inflation adjusted outcome and the unadjusted outcome

What has happened to revenue imbalance, unadjusted for inflation, for the NFL over time and what differences do you find between the inflation adjusted outcome and the unadjus


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