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1. Give an example of a major abuse of advertising via social media from your own observations and experiences. How do you feel about this as a consumer?

2. Explain the various elements that should be included in an organization’s confined space management policy.

3. Could you write about the Halloween parade in NYC, if you watch the Parade, what do you think about the parade? Interesting?

Reference no: EM132234642

Fair labors standards act involves how the individual states

The third question on the Fair Labors Standards Act involves how the individual States can impact the law. All States must comply with the FSLA provisions, but individual Stat

Computer language and learning a foreign language equivalent

Is learning a computer language and learning a foreign language equivalent, similar, or dissimilar? What is the purpose(s)? Which should be required and should it be a require

What is the role of the pos system in forecasting

Describe three different forecasting applications at Hard Rock. Name three other areas in which you think Hard Rock could use forecasting models. What is the role of the POS

Working on developing its next-generation products

Telsteer Mobil, a smartphone manufacturer, is working on developing its next-generation products. It has decided on a strategy of focusing on a narrow buyer segment and outcom

Depreciation on the furnishings and equipment

A 25-room budget motel expects its occupancy next year to be 80%. The owners' investment is $402,800. They want an after-tax return on their investment of 15%. Tax Rate is 25%

What benefits make these risks worth taking

What are the risks for both the supplier and the buyer when agreeing to enter into an exclusive relationship involving extensive sharing of internal processes and information?

Involving the business use of information systems

You have just been hired to work in a brand new cupcake bakery in Adelphi, Maryland. Profits from this bakery go to the UMUC scholarship fund. You know the value of informatio

What are the pros and cons for lower availability

Many firms require that their AIS applications retain high availability for use (greater than 99.9%), meaning that these systems will hardly ever suffer an outage. Is this a f


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