Organization and management theory

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Organization and Management Theory

Course Scholarly Paper

When writing your scholarly paper, please note the following guidelines:

Select a topic that interests you and is related to the contents of this course. Write no less than 2000 words scholarly paper (excluding the title page, bibliography and appendices) on this topic.

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Reference no: EM13690386

Explain the importance of standardized protocol or systems

Explain the importance of standardized protocol or systems when a practice has multiple offices in a given geographic area and employees are expected to rotate among differe

What questions should you ask yourself

Case: Receiving a Holiday Gift. A supplier sends a basket of expensive foodstuffs to your home at Christmas with a card, "We hope you and your family enjoy the goodies."

How john chamber shows emotional intelligence

Describe how John Chambers portrays the personal traits of a leader as identified. Is John Chamber practicing Transactional Leadership or Transformational Leadership?  Support

Companies involved benefit from the innovations discussed

a)How do the companies involved benefit from the innovationsdiscussed in the case? Is it about more efficienttransaction processing, better reaching out tocustomers,or both

Rapid advances in technology have created a situation

Rapid advances in technology have created a situation where the FOM often has greater technical expertise in using the PMS than does the GM. What difficulties do you see in su

Project management life cycle theory

The general strengths attributable to the project management life cycle theory and Why the other project managers that you have chosen have done a commendable job from the per

What is the responsibility of management

What is the responsibility of management and the auditor with respect to the internal controls of a client - Do you believe the company engaged in fraud with respect to custom

Percentage of the time is clay busy

Clay runs a small hot dog stand in downtown Chapel Hill. Clay can serve about 30 customers an hour. During lunchtime, customers randomly arrive at the rate of 20 per hour.


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