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Suppose you are a Human Resource professional helping to improve the performance management system of a company that sells and services office equipment. The company operates a call center that takes calls from customers who are having problems with their equipment. Call center employees are supposed to verify that the problem is not one the customer can easily handle (for example, equipment that will not operate because it has come unplugged). Then, if the problem is not resolved over the phone, the employees arrange for service technicians to visit the customer. The company can charge the customer only if a service technician visits, so performance management of the call center employees focuses on productivity - how quickly they can complete a call and move on to the next caller. To measure this performance efficiently and accurately, the company uses electronic monitoring.

How would you expect the employees to react to the electronic monitoring? How might the organization address the employees' concerns?

Besides productivity in terms of number of calls, what other performance measures should the performance management systems include?

How should the organization gather information about the other performance measures?

Reference no: EM131284110

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