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Managing Existing Architecture

By the time an IS/IT project reaches the stage of evaluating architectures, it is quite possible that the organisation has already invested heavily in technology. Imagine you are a project manager in such a scenario, and your project needs are not ideally met by existing architecture. Do you think it is more important for a project manager to work to promote additional investment, or to work to find solutions within the existing frameworks?

Reference no: EM132184564

Bureaucratic costs-transaction costs-complexity-politics

All of the following can impede management's designs to create synergies except: bureaucratic costs, transaction costs, Complexity, Politics, or organizational culture. Which

The term golden handcuffs refers to unfair leniency

Executive compensation is an exmaple of "what gets rewards gets done". The term "golden handcuffs" refers to unfair leniency that corporate executives seem to get when prosecu

Explain why increase from last quarter to current quarter

Analysis of the key business forms and the key expenses it can be said that the decision taken has been taken considering each and every item of expenses and that there is p

Classical criminology placed great emphasis

Classical criminology placed great emphasis on punishment being a deterrent to criminal behaviour. Is that the belief of the criminal justice system? Do we punish known offend

Terms of the four ps of marketing strategy

Demographic trends suggest that a large number of baby boomers are on the verge of retiring. The Bay Area Medical Practice is meeting to focus on it's next 5 year strategic pl

Confidence interval of population mean income of mba student

A sample of 16 MBA students taking OTM course in the spring 2016 at university campus, show an average income of $90,000 with the sample standard deviation of $8,000. Find the

Consumer purchase decision process

State and Describe the stages in the Consumer Purchase Decision process and distinguish among three variations of the consumer purchase decision process; that is Routine, Limi

Project risks monitoring and control plan

Project Risks Monitoring and Control Plan. Include a detailed description of the overall monitoring process, including the techniques that will be used to monitor the existe


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