Oral contract is enforceable under the one-year rule

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1. What kind of contracts require a writing? What is the One-Year Rule on contracts? What is the test to determine whether an oral contract is enforceable under the One-Year Rule?

2. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of using computers in the medical office for administrative functions and EHRs. In your initial post, include the link to one credible article on this topic. Do not use Wikipedia.

3. Why is it difficult for labor negotiators to switch from traditional to integrative bargaining? What recommendations would you make for negotiators trying to make this switch? Why is it more difficult for union negotiators to make this change compared to company negotiators? 

Reference no: EM132280228

Discuss some of the benefits of providing wireless access

Discuss some of the benefits of providing wireless access in one or more of the following situations: a large company offering wireless connectivity to its employees, a coffee

What is optimum decision under the conservative approach

A manufacturing company must decide whether to manufacture a component part or purchase the component from a supplier. The resulting profit depends on the demand for the produ

How do you determine the bottleneck of the process

How do you determine the bottleneck of the process? (activities 4 and 5 can be done in parallel) How do you determine what is the utilization of server 2? Assume demand= bottl

Interviewing methods are extremely varied

Interviewing methods are extremely varied so this thread should be quite exciting. Please bring into this thread your depth of information and experiences, and feel free to sh

Owns the many species found in nature

Critically assess Merck's deal with INBio. Was it ethically justifiable? Why or why not? Who, if anyone, owns the many species found in nature? Do they belong to the people wh

Create an express warranty in sales transaction

Which of the following does not create an express warranty. Which of the following will create an express warranty in a sales transaction?  A warranty that is imposed on the s

About human resources related to your workplace

In this discussion, you will need to search Google Scholar or other online sources for current trends, news, and videos about Human Resources related to your workplace, career

Existing organization three major functions

Compare and contrast an existing organization's three major functions (i.e., finance, marketing, and operations), and then justify the interdependence that operations have t


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