Optimum scheduling period

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A producer has to supply 12,000 units of a product per year to his customer. The demand is fixed and known and backlogs are not allowed. The inventory holding cost is Rs.0.20 per unit per month and the set up cost per run is Rs. 350/- per run. Determine (a) the optimal lot size, (b) Optimum scheduling period, (c) Minimum total expected yearly cost

Reference no: EM131029603

An excel spreadsheet with componets names

Physical Networking. We are having to put together an excel spreadsheet with componets names, descriptions, costs, total project costs. We must create a Description of a b

Dual-hatted -department of defense

He wants to a variety of tablets to access and e-mail from web sites (Note: Coast is dual-hatted -Department of Defense and of Homeland SecurityHe has been briefed a variety

Importance of good methodology

According to Kerzner, "The importance of good methodology cannot be understated." Examine the significance of this statement as it relates to integrative information technol

Queries against the world database tables

Your task for this final project will be to write queries against the World database tables. There are three tables used to store data about Countries, Cities and CountryLan

Formulas and functions in excel

you must submit your training outline which includes topics and sub topics and time estimates. It should be professional and organized. If you take information from another

The cost of ordering and transportation

You have to supply your customer 100 units of certain product every Monday and only on Monday. You obtain the product from a local supplier at Rs/ 60/- per units. The cost of

Planning for a security policy

The policies that organizations put in place are similar to laws in that they are directives for how to act properly. Like laws, policies should be impartial and fair and ar

Successful strategies and resources

The quizzes and exams are timed. What are successful strategies and resources that you have found useful for taking the weekly quizzes and exams? What steps can you take to


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