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A mail-order house uses 16,690 boxes a year. Carrying costs are 60 cents per box a year, and ordering costs are $96. The following price schedule applies. 1,000-1,999 $1.25/box 2,000-4,999 $1.20/box 5,000-9,999 $1.15/box 10,000 or more $1.10/box Determine the optimal order quantity.

Reference no: EM131124905

Effectively evaluate the leading edge program

A Healthy Investment at Sisters of Charity Providence Hospital What outcomes should the hospital collect to determine how well their Leading Edge training program worked? What

Identify whether the failure was legal or ethical

WestJet apologized to Air Canada on Monday and will pay $15.5 million to settle a lawsuit over a case of corporate espionage. What were the points of failure in this incident?

What is the maximum inventory that can accumulate

Suppose a lean work center is being operated with a container size of 25 units and a demand rate of 100 units per hour. Also assume it takes 180 minutes for a container to cir

Interactive technologies-change behavior toward customer

The new interactive technologies are not enough to cement a relationship, because companies need to change their behavior toward a customer and not just their communication. 

New alcohol distribution system to keep your bartenders

You are the owner of a local beach bar and you are considering the purchase of a new alcohol distribution system to keep your bartenders from swiping all of your good stuff

Community involvement has been eye-opening experience

Describe a person you've encountered in any fund raising event for a local orphanage . What about your community involvement has been an eye-opening experience? What specific

Draw a hypothetical process

Draw a hypothetical process (time - function) map for producing a recently released (within the past two years) product manufactured by the company. As an operations manager,

Random will conform to the specifications on voltage

The output voltage of a power supply is normally distributed with mean 10V and standard deviation 0.04 V. The lower and upper specification for voltage are 9.95V and 10.05V re


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