Optical fibres
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Since optical frequencies are extremely large as compared to conventional radio waves and microwaves, large beam acting as a carrier wave is capable of carrying far more information in comparisons to radio waves and microwaves.

This document discusses the title in following tabs:-

1.      Introduction

2.      Attractive features of optical fibres

3.      Optical Fibres

4.      Diagrammatical representations

5.      Principle of Light guidance through optical fibres

6.      Symbolic presentations

7.      Types of Rays:-

  • Meridional Rays
  • Skew Rays

8.      Parameters of optical fibres

9.      Numerical aperture

10.  Conclusion

The devices used in fibre optic communication system have become very reliable and the cost of the system has come down considerably so that people throughout the world have seriously begun the switch over from copper cables to fibre optic systems.

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