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Strategic Recommendations 

In developing this assignment, you have an opportunity to synthesize and apply the concepts, principles, and theories. You will be writing a paper in response to the following hypothetical situation.


You work in strategy planning for an organization. You've been in the organization in a variety of roles for five years. Recently, the senior leadership team determined that your organization needs a more effective strategy planning process, and you've gladly stepped into a role to help determine what the improved process or activities might be.

You've been asked by your manager to put together specific strategic recommendations to help the executive team better understand the concepts and principles of a well-designed strategy process. Further, these recommendations will include a set of examples of strategy planning activities specific to your organization.


Your well-written paper should include the following elements and meet the following requirements:

  • Your paper should be 5-6 pages (not counting the title and reference pages that you must include).Remember that your audience is a team of senior executives.
  • The choice of organization is up to you.Describe your organization in terms of its industry, type (closely held for-profit, publicly traded for-profit, not-for-profit, or public sector), headquarters and other locations, and size.
  • Present the strategy concepts, theories, and principles that you believe are important for the senior executive leadership team to understand. If there are contradicting opinions from strategy experts, you may want to present both sides in an objective discussion.
  • Present four examples of strategy planning activities from four different modules that are designed specifically for your hypothetical organization. For each of your strategy planning activities, include a clear and understandable title along with a brief over view description of one or two sentences for each.

    Example: In MGT510, the focus of Modules 2 and 3 is on Industry Analysis and Strategy. One example of an activity that would be relevant to content from those modules is a Demand and Competition Analysis.

    • Include the titles of the example activities, with more complete descriptions for each. Explain the benefits and value of each activity specific to your organization.
  • In addition to your textbooks, you must incorporate a minimum of three additional credible sources. Be sure these are included on your reference page(s).
  • Your paper should be formatted according to  academic writing standards and  APA style guidelines.

Reference no: EM131337042

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