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You are required to watch the following YouTube clips from the GRI Secretariat:

1. The GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards: The Future of Reporting

2. Introducing the GRI Standards

You must also read a fictional case study based on a company that will be provided to you in due course.

You must then prepare a sustainability assessment report referring to the Consolidated Set of GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards 2016 that specifically addresses:

A. Economic sustainability
i) Disclosure 201-2 Financial implications and other risks and opportunities due to climate change
ii) Disclosure 205-3 Confirmed incidents of corruption and actions taken
iii) Disclosure 206-1 Legal actions for anti-competitive behaviour, anti-trust, and monopoly practices

B. Environmental sustainability
i) Disclosure 302-1 Energy consumption within the organisation
ii) Disclosure 304-2 Significant impacts of activities, products, and services on biodiversity
iii) Disclosure 307-1 Non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations

C. Social sustainability
i) Disclosure 401-1 New employee hires and employee turnover
ii) Disclosure 406-1 Incidents of discrimination and corrective actions taken
iii) Disclosure 413-1 Operations with local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programs

You will be required to include a minimum of 15 references in your Risk Assessment Report at least 5 of which must come from academic journals or textbooks.

Attachment:- Assessment Information.rar

Attachment:- Assignment format.rar

Attachment:- Case Study.rar


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In this report, a construction company named Timberwell Construction, has been taken up that deals in the construction of complexes. The report discussed the issues in relation to the sustainability from the economic, social and environmental aspect has been shown here. Besides, the preventive measure that needs to be taken on its part has also been discussed through the various disclosures mentioned in the GRI standards. The allegations and litigation that the company faced along with the warnings and penalties have also been stated here.

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    thank you for this assignment. it is wonderful experience with you and give full details of assignment. thank you very much. I would like to give my assignment to you again thank you once more.

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    And you have to write minimum 15 reference and at least 5 from textbook or journaal referencing style : Haward Word : 2000 Weight: 40% Also get mail as per below: Dear Students, The GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards that you need to complete Assessment 3 can be accessed here

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